The School of Innovation


Helping teams perform better with cutting edge hybrid collaboration techniques

Our most comprehensive transformation experience the
full hybrid agile process in just 5-days

Deliver projects – FAST!

Get the proven innovation process used by the Tech Giants. Breakthrough innovation doesn’t happen by accident.


It’s the result of battle-tested methods, refined tools and proven methodologies. We give you these easy-to-repeat recipes to put to use immediately with your team.


EMPATHISE -  How to understand your customer’s and user’s needs


DEFINE - How to define the specific problem and ensure you are focused on the most impactful solution


IDEATE - How to generate many great ideas, group vote and prioritize them for maximum impact


PROTOTYPE - How to build a prototype, and test with real users to prove traction and minimize risk


LAUNCH - How to test to gain insights & launch innovations fast with a clear ROI and business case

Who is School of Innovation for?


Innovation Leaders who wish to learn a seamless approach for effective innovation projects to drive growth and cross functional collaboration


Product owners and who need a fast and implementable framework for launch new innovative products and enhance customer experience


Any team in a large organisation who needs a simple framework to tackle any project or business challenge, and who wants to innovate faster.

Your Facilitator's


Rody Vonk

Rody Vonk is an experienced trainer and facilitator on innovation, creativity and design thinking. He works around the globe helping a wide range of organizations to kickstart their innovation. He trained, inspired and coached a great variety of people, anywhere from board room members of national banks to university students in startup bootcamps, innovation projects and trainings on solving (social) issues.


Grant Vernon

Grant Vernon is a corporate entrepreneurship, management and innovation trainer with 20 years of experience, delivering training across 39 countries to more than 3,000 startups and 10,000 corporate leaders, including Vodafone, BT, Telefonica, Google, GM, Microsoft and HP. Grant has been instrumental in designing customised training programmes for companies who are seeking to develop essential innovation and commercial skills amongst their employees.

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