Leading and Managing  Hybrid Teams

Looking to find more agile effective ways of leading hybrid or distributed teams?


Learn tools and strategies to become an effective leader of a successful hybrid team including all collaboration templates ready to use!

Learning Objectives


Have the right tools & techniques to manage and motivate a hybrid team focussed on delivering AGILE, innovative ways of working


Build confidence in your hybrid leadership, problem solving and collaboration skills through hands-on practical proven methods and all the tools and templates to succeed


Become an expert at leading and supporting your hybrid team with more effective ways of working that actively creates team cohesion and collaboration


Senior leaders who wish to create a seamless approach for effective leadership of hybrid teams to drive growth and cross functional collaboration


Commercial managers who need a fast and implementable hybrid management framework to launch new innovative and agile processes and enhance employee engagement and ensure more agile ways of working


Any team  who needs a simple framework for hybrid methods to collaborate more effectively, innovate faster and operate in a more agile manner.


HYBRID TEAM BUILDING  - Foster a sense of connection without a shared location with a library of simple but effective online teambuilding exercises.


PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP - How to leverage Google OKR’s for continuous feedback and collaborative learning


AGILE WAYS OF WORKING - How to leverage agile retrospectives, agile portfolio and prioritization and agile working agreements


REFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION & PERFOMANCE COACHING - Build trust and rapport using coaching and more effective online communication to manage performance.


AGILE ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE - Build an intentional culture and collaborative distributed teams with daily stand ups and lean processes

Create a Team Transformation Canvas including purpose, roles, goals and expectations

Harness value driven change with regular agile team alignment sessions

Incorporate ice breakers, campfires, social questions and virtual team retreats

How Google sets goals - the power of Googles Objectives and Key Results

OKR Mapping

Building your companies OKR’s

OKR Weekly Check-in Template

Collaborative Learning Objectives

Learn to facilitate an Agile Retrospective

Draft your own Agile working agreement templates

Agile Strategy and Priority Matrix

Use agile to plan priorities and manage backlogs

Hold consistent rigorous one-on-one meetings

Incorporate performance reviews  with check-ins weekly or monthly, with agenda templates, suggested questions, and a place to write shared takeaways.

Utilize effective questioning with a structured toolkit

Rapid Problem solving for teams

Lean coffee meetings and lead more effective meetings with agile

Use Daily stand-ups

Team retrospectives 

Tiny Habits framework

Your Facilitator's


Grant Vernon

Grant Vernon is a corporate entrepreneurship, management and innovation trainer with 20 years of experience, delivering training across 39 countries to more than 3,000 startups and 10,000 corporate leaders, including Vodafone, BT, Telefonica, Google, GM, Microsoft and HP. Grant has been instrumental in designing customised training programmes for companies who are seeking to develop essential innovation and commercial skills amongst their employees.

JeffCircle (2)

Jeff Hearn

Jeff Hearn will be on the course to provide his expertise on business, leadership and managing in-person as well as remote teams. Having first hand experience in  leading multiple business units and managing relationships with diverse clients, colleagues and stakeholders at all levels, Jeff certainly has a wealth of knowledge in hybrid teams. 


Connor Wakefield

Connor will be on the course to ensure the best online experience is made possible. Connor will be there if you have any tech challenges or want to make the most use of the digital tools possible. He develops Innovation Network's digital strategy with a focus on creating new value through the smart use of digital tools, platforms, technologies, services, and processes.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"The Innovation Network process helped my team deliver a new snack on to the retail market from concept to launch in 8 months reducing our typical development target by 50%."

– Global Director of Innovation

"The Innovation Fast Track process has enabled me to facilitate and deliver a tangible outcome to specific business challenges. In just 5 days!"

– Director of Transformation, Professional Services - Legal

"I learnt more in 4 hours of Innovation Network training than 4 years at university!"

– Innovation PhD student

"Using the Innovation Network Process gave us the ability to work on creative sessions remotely and deliver a client brief in roughly HALF the time – without losing the energy, engagement, personality of colleagues. 

By harnessing the ideas of the quieter colleagues, those that won't usually shout above the extroverts, the facilitation made us more efficient, the pace was rapid, and the ability to revisit the online tool AT ANY TIME is incredibly valuable.

No more rolled up flip chart pages for someone to deal with. No post-its. No photos of indecipherable scribble."

– Global Accounts Key Account Manager

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